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We frequently work with both individuals who want to come to the USA, and corporations who need talented employees to help grow their business. We will work with you to learn exactly what type of visa you’re looking for, and help file the proper petitions. Whether you need a temporary work visa, or a permanent immigrant visa, our experienced attorneys will take care of everything you need. Of course, we don’t just file the petitions and paperwork and leave it at that. We can represent you in any court, or in front of any committee to help ensure you are given a fair hearing. With an excellent track record of helping people from around the world, we are considered by many to be the leading immigration law firm in Miami. If you are facing deportation, it is essential to act quickly to help give you the best chance possible of staying in the country. Deportation proceedings are often triggered by some type of criminal activity, but that doesn’t automatically mean you will have to leave the country. We will visit you at home, or even in a correctional facility to discuss your case. We will then fight for your right to stay in the country. We know that deportation affects not just the individual in question, but their friends and especially their family, which is why we fight so hard to help you get through this difficult situations. If you are fleeing some sort of political oppression or threat, America has a long history of welcoming people who need protection. Ross & Asmar will listen carefully to your situation and put in your request for political asylum right away. We know how to work within the system to help ensure your case is seen by the right people to give you the best chance at qualifying for asylum possible.

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